Application Guidelines

The Albrecht Family Foundation welcomes applications for funding from St. Louis-based or St. Louis-related organizations. If your organization would like to submit an application for funding, please follow the proposal format below.

If there are any further questions about submissions or the Foundation, please e-mail


Please submit a proposal containing the following elements:

  1. The primary goals of your organization including, as appropriate, the need or problem that the organization works to address and the segments of the population targeted for aid.

  2. The most recent audited annual report, if available.

  3. A brief history of the organization, if not contained in the annual report.

  4. The current operating budget.

  5. A list of directors or trustees and their affiliations.

  6. A list of foundation and corporate support with corresponding gift amounts.

  7. Your IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.

  8. A description of the project for which you are seeking support, including:
    • a statement of its primary purpose and the need or problem you are seeking to address;
    • the targeted population and how this population will benefit from the project;
    • its anticipated duration; and
    • its current budget.

  9. If the proposal is for an educational institution, also include the following:
    • number of students enrolled
    • amount of endowment, and
    • background on institution, including history, mission statement, and student profile.

To maximize the impact of our gifts, the Albrecht Family Foundation does not participate in the following areas:
• Annual appeals
• Grants for films and travel
• Loans and deficits
• Capital campaigns
• Nonprofit organizations without a direct connection to the St. Louis area

Print Application Guidelines (PDF)